Wednesday, 18 November 2020

How to Withdraw Money from Perfect Money to Mpesa: The Ultimate Guide

 Perfect money is a form of digital currency wallet just like Paypal. Your money is held in form of gold, USD or Bitcoin. And better still, it's possible to trade in various currencies . It's well known for instant payments and stock market exchange. And it was launched in 2008 in Switzerland.

Can you withdraw money from Perfect Money to Mpesa? 

Yes. You need a verified Perfect Money account. To create one, sign up at the Perfect Money website. And then immediately verify your account. The verification process is simple, follow the 3 steps below:

Steps to verify your Perfect Money account

1. Upload your national ID card, driving license or a valid passport with a clear photo

This is necessary in order to confirm your identity and nationality. Since this is a business transaction area, your reputation as a seller or buyer of currencies is key. Not everyone is transparent in their operations. 

2. Verify your location

 Attach your most recent utility bill, or the most recent bank statement to confirm your address. Take note that the address you registered and the one on the utility bill should match. Otherwise the verification process won't be successful.

3. Lastly, add your phone number which is registered to M-pesa

 Enter your phone number using the international format ( eg +254 *** *** ***).  Your perfect money account will then be linked to your mpesa account.

The Transfer Process

To send money from your perfect money account to Mpesa, an exchanger is involved. For example Evonex Pay. Open an account with Evonex traders then verify your account.

On the Evonex pay dashboard click on Sell, PM currency to Ksh, you can sell a minimum of $5 Perfect Money currency.

Also note that, if your Perfect Money is unverified, a withdrawal fee of 2% applies. But verified accounts have a lesser transaction fee of 0.5% .

Closing note

Perfect money has gained popularity over the years. It's a fast, easy and reliable method for buying and selling currency. The more you can transact with your account the higher your reputation. Just like our local banks. It will also offer you credit and loan services once your reputation is good enough. If you are trying at stocks exchange online, kindly visit the Perfect money website. This is just one step away from your dream business.

Thursday, 12 November 2020

GIA Pink Diamond Grading

 Pink diamond is one of the rare diamonds around the world. Of all the precious diamonds, it's hard not to value this gem considering its cost in the market. The grading system for the pink diamonds is largely dependent on the hue, texture and size of the stones which determines the quality. The GIA(Gemological Institute of America) and AGM(Argyle Grading Method) are the two quality and grade determiners in the diamond industry. Both players are great certifiers and ensure the grades are reliable.

So, what are the determinants of quality in pink diamonds?

Pink diamond is classified into SI1 or SI2 according to the GIA system. SI1 is the better grade compared to SI2. If you meet a dealer, you can request for high quality photos if not 3D videos of these two. SI1 seems to be less flawless compared to SI2. The clarity index of SI1 and SI2 vary significantly.

Quality is also determined by the size and shape of the stone. 

GIA Pink Diamond Color Chart

Pink diamond is categorised from light pink, fancy pink, up to dark pink in terms of its hue. Very little is known about the formation of this diamond with its pink colour, but the richness through grading makes it even more appealing. Light pink is close to colourless, also termed the Very faint. Dark pink, a colour of love, is also known as fancy pink.

You may not Interact with pink diamonds until you think of a wedding. Yours or somebody else's. And the jewelry stores will always help you out in your choice of a better wedding or engagement ring. Using the pink diamond colour chart.

How different is the Argyle diamonds grading compared to the GIA diamonds?

The GIA pink diamond grading system depends on: Color and intensity.

The Argyle pink diamond grading is based on intensity mostly and graded on a scale of 1 to 9.

The Argyle diamonds are obtained from the Argyle mines in Australia. The rare gem is extracted as an ore, mixed with other types of diamonds (purple diamonds, red diamonds, black, and even yellow diamonds). The experts then work on polishing the diamonds until they achieve the different classes of diamonds.


Grading system for the pink diamonds

Now, the process of grading pink diamond starts from sorting, then cleaving, bruting and lastly polishing. The cutter has the role of making the diamonds as posh as they can be. I'll briefly explain about each process:


  • Sorting

Once the diamonds leave the mines, they are separated according to color, shapes and sizes. It's a mixture of stones both of value and the diamonds. An expert would simply look at each and place them in their own categories.

  • Cleaving

The diamonds are slowly cut and rounded into specific sizes by use of mechanical saws and saw like blades. Diamond is one of the hardest stones to break, imagine how long this process may take before a single half inch is cleaved!

  • Bruting

The diamonds are twisted and cut into the required shapes by use of lasers. And also, diamonds may be made to cut against each other. The diamonds become rounded.

  • Polishing

The diamonds become appealing at this stage. You get to see it's sparkle, the real colour and intensity. At this point, the diamond is ready for the jewelry stores and it's sold per carat. Most diamond dealers finish the polishing job before sending the gem to jewelry shops. A carat is a weight measurement equivalent of 0.2grams.

Are there any other sources of diamonds apart from the Australian pink diamonds?

Yes, other sources exist globally but mining is on a lesser scale compared to Australia. There's India, South Africa, Tanzania, among others. Australia has the biggest mine(Argyle mines) and has been known as a world supplier. The deeper the colour intensity the costlier it will be.

Technology is yet to be found to take care of the deep mines. Diamond mining may not be possible beyond 50km into a mine. That said, diamond continues to be a rare gem.

Investment diamond is a valuable business and equal competitor to the gold market. You can buy, hold your stock till the market price goes up then sell.The good news about diamonds is that their quality cannot be tampered with. However, they are very costly, so you need a lump sum to invest in this business.

How diamonds are formed

Diamond comes from carbon atoms, a very important chemical of life. It exists as an impure form called amorphous carbon.

It's possible to produce artificial diamonds in the laboratories. This happens through high temperature and pressure and by use of special equipment, just like what happens in the earth's crust.

 But naturally, it occurs under high temperature and pressure in the interior of the earth, and can be accessed on the earth's surface after a series of volcanic eruptions.

Factors Affecting the Price of Diamonds

A number of factors determine how much a carat of Diamond can be sold:

  • The colour of hue, whether it's natural or artificial

The value a stone holds depends on how appealing it is in terms of the original colour.

  • The size of diamond

Since it's measured per gram, the bigger it is the more it costs.

  • The current market price globally

Price fluctuations make a commodity to sell higher or lower. That's why there's a tendency to hold on goods when prices fall, until they become favourable again.

  •   Rare diamonds tend to be more expensive compared to the other diamonds.

Ending note

GIA pink diamonds grading has been a tool used to monitor the quality of diamonds. Pink diamond prices continue to rise with the importance attached to it: engagement and wedding rings. There's as much importance attached to diamond as with gold. If you find an authorized diamond dealer, it will be easier to know how, when and what to do in order to thrive in the diamond investments.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

9 Facts about PTC Sites You Should Know Today

 PTC(Paid To Click) sites are a form of online business, where websites post ads and you get paid to create traffic by clicking on the ads as a publisher. It's one of the simplest online jobs if you are willing to surf the web all day. It requires little to no investment, but you need a lot of time to earn from the same. There's no age limit or educational qualifications. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop and a stable internet connection, to carry out the tasks.

A publisher is a worker who's paid to click on the ads.

So, let me break down for you all the facts that you need to know about PTC sites:

 9 Solid Facts about PTC Sites

1. Low payment threshold

It takes one or more months before a publisher achieves the payment threshold. This is clear on PTC sites with up to 20 ads a day. And with earnings of 0.001$ to 0.04$ per click. The minimum withdrawal limit can be as low as 1$.

2.Low click value per ad

With a click value range of 0.001$ to 0.04$, it melts down to your type of membership. To increase your click value, upgrade to premium membership. The higher your click value the more your potential to earn.

3. Most sites advocate for one account per household

Always adhere to the rules of the site. A publisher who creates more than a single account may be suspended indefinitely. 

4. Some PTC websites are regional but most are international

I've participated in so many PTC sites, but not all cut across the continents. For example, being in Africa, I haven't been able to sign up to Prize Rebel( another PTC site). And some are strictly for US membership.

PTC paying with PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Payoneer, and Perfect Money are mostly International.

5. It's free to join

The signup process is simple. You don't need extra credentials to do this. But to benefit more from the sites, upgrade to paid memberships. For instance, Neobux and Convertko which have better upgrade packages.

6. Most of them are legit but scammers are equally in force

Before you sign up, check the internet for information on the specific PTC sites. I have a habit of reading reviews on Trust Pilot and Foxy ratings. A PTC with a star rating of less than 3.5 is a doubtful site. Those with a higher star rating (4.0-5.0) are the best PTC sites.

7. The PTC sites also transform to Get paid To sites and may offer other tasks and survey opportunities 

Some of the best paying PTC overtime become Get Paid To. Ysense for instance is currently running surveys and other offerwalls from which members earn a good income.

The effort you put clicking on the sites may not be equal to the remuneration.

8. The rewards range from gift cards, e-vouchers, and cash rewards

The gift cards can be cashed out with a low payout of maybe 2$ or 3$, but cash rewards tend to have higher cashout. The highest payout threshold is 10$ and the lowest can be 0.02$ like on Argon clicks.

9. The income is very little

You can work on the PTC website for weeks before you realize any earnings. You cannot depend on this job as a source of income unless it's your part-time job. It can be good for students for pocket money, especially PTC paying with PayPal because of the low withdrawal limit.

Methods to Earn  Money on PTC sites

*Through ad clicks

And that's why the work is referred to as paid to click. There's very little to earn by this means.

*Referral systems and networking

 It's easier to increase your earnings through direct and rented referrals. You can refer your friends and colleagues by a referral link or by use of banners which you post on your website. You can then earn some commission for every person that registers through your affiliate links.

Ending note

Working on PTC sites will not get you rich overnight. Instead, you can redirect your efforts to something else. Blogging is an enjoyable and better activity in earning your income passively. You can as well join survey sites that pay a much better income than most PTC sites.

Friday, 16 October 2020

13 Practical Ways to Saving Money for a Beginner

Saving money is a big step towards your financial freedom. Why should you purpose to save even if you aren't earning big? You may be planning to buy a house or an important fixed asset, or maybe you'd like to get out of debt. The little that you set aside on a regular weekly or monthly basis takes care of such, without exhausting your earnings all at once.

Before you achieve your savings plan, budgeting is an important factor to consider. It's the first all-time tool that monitors what you earn as income and tracks your spending.

Table of Contents

  1. Save on groceries

  2. Spend less than what you earn as income

  3. Buy goods in bulk and from discounted stores

  4. Plan for bigger budgets

  5. Manage your debts

  6. Cancel some of your subscriptions

  7. Stick to your budget

  8. Automatically deduct your savings from your bank

  9. Affordable mobile plans

  10. Reduce your electricity bills

  11. Be creative and learn to fix stuff around your home

  12. Go without spending on some days

  13. Buy generic goods as compared to original ones with inflated prices

13 Tips for Saving Money even with Small Income

  1. Save on groceries

Occasionally substitute high-cost meals such as meat with veggie counterparts like beans or affordable protein like eggs.

On the other hand, minimize food losses through spoilage by freezing the leftovers or creating something delicious with it and it serves as another meal. This reduces the cost of buying again and again, and you get some extra cash to keep.

  1. Spend less than what you earn as income

 Cut down on the extra costs such as entertainment (night out) and alcohol. You may as well prepare your meals at home instead of doing restaurants. And if that's not enough, cooking is also therapeutic. You get to save lots of time and money doing productive stuff around your house.

  1. Buy goods in bulk and from discounted stores

I love shopping around supermarkets, online shops, and big malls. It's all about comparison in prices. Also, online stores have even better discounts. Buying goods in quantities will guarantee you an even bigger discount and the extra cash can be channeled to your other expenses.

  1. Plan for bigger budgets

If your goal is to buy a home 2 years away, saving for your mortgage will be better during your active working days. For most of us living from paycheck to paycheck, it will be better to automate the funds towards a savings account.

  1. Pay off your debts

Get out of debt by all means. If you don't have an income, find some work, and make effort towards reducing the debt so that the accruing interest rates don't end up rather expensive. The earlier it's paid the less stressful it would be in terms of time and money.

  1. Cancel some of your subscriptions especially those used infrequently.

These include paid TV, gym memberships, newsletters, online games, and even movie shows. Let the fees from the subscriptions be substituted for the most basic of expenses. 

Otherwise, consider cheaper options to whatever you currently have. There's always an alternative for everything.

  1. Stick to your budget

A budget will guide you on where your money is going. If your expenses surpass your income then you need to marry your budget with your income. As a rule of thumbs, save 20 percent of your income even before you spend.

  1. Automatically deduct your savings from the bank

Organize with your employer so that before your paycheck is processed, your savings are automatically deducted. You can save to a SACCO or open any other checking account where your savings accumulate interest over time.

  1. Invest in affordable mobile plans

Internet and telecommunication are no longer expensive. Competition among the firms has made the services and tariff plans quite affordable.

Save lots of money by investing in cheaper mobile plans and cell phones.

  1. Reduce your electricity bills

Save energy by use of energy saver bulbs. You can also heat your water by solar means. Plus, invest in alternative energy sources such as solar panels: for simple tasks like water heating, phone and battery charging, TV, and radio power sources.

Solar energy is now very affordable and the billing is spread across months. Anyone can afford it.

  1. Be creative and learn to fix stuff around your house

Not all repairs and fixtures in your house require an expert. Confidently be your own expert and implore a little creativity, transfer those repair costs to your savings.

  1. Go without spending on some days

 Create that fun environment in your own house. Have your breakfast at home then carry packed lunch to work. Take a long walk to work and later sum up the costs saved at the end of the day. You'll be surprised how much you will save compared to if you were to spend on the activities ordinarily.

  1. Buy generic goods as compared to Original ones

I'm a fan of generic stuff. Visit different stores and compare the quality and price. Generic goods have fair discounts and work as well as the original. You can save a great deal if you take your time before buying a brand.

Saving money as a beginner starts with the right budgeting for your income. If your expenses surpass your revenue, prioritize the most basic expenses, and keep saving. Stay out of debt and with persistence on your saving goals, create your wealth wisely.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

11 Amazing Budgeting Tips to Try: You'll Never Regret It

A debt problem is, at its core, a budgeting problem. - Natalie Pace

I never knew that my mom introduced me to budgeting at a very early stage. She'd demand a list of anything that I needed at school, and the items had to take care of a whole term. From the list, items of priority came first and I would cancel out stuff that wasn't of utmost need.

Budgeting refers to planning for the cash at hand or the income that you expect at the end of each month. You'd like to account for every single coin even before it hits your pocket. And for this reason, you'll need a proper plan. What are your goals for budgeting?

If you are budgeting in order to achieve your savings plan, or track your spending, congratulations!! Knowing how much you have and what you are spending is a step towards your future financial health. It means borrowing won't be necessary, as you'll only plan for what you have.

3 Steps to a Simple Budgeting Process


Budget creation, evaluation, and execution are not easy. And the moment you come up with one it may take some time to adapt to it or even to make a few modifications.

Let me explain each phase briefly:

  • Budget creation

As you prepare your budget, it's good to outline every detail of it. I mean fixed expenses, basic expenses, miscellaneous items, and even the fraction for savings. A 50-30-20 rule may apply, where 50percent of your income goes to basic expenses,30 percent to fixed costs, and the rest to your savings plan.

  • Evaluation

Understand what you need on a month to month basis against what may prop up like events. Spending less than what you get might work, so, an increase in one, should meet a balance by reducing expenditure on another.

  • Execution

Always shop around using your budget. If you have any item outside your plans, evaluate if you can do without it, or secure it later so that you don't have to alter your financial breakdown for something you can do without temporarily.

So, let's quickly look at this checklist on simple budgeting tips. These tips will be handy especially during this COVID-19 Season.

11 Amazing Budgeting Tips Towards Your Financial Freedom

  • Plan for every single cent of your earnings.

   Take into account every cent of your total income,  so that you don't leave any gap for impulse buying. Cancel out items that you believe are not on top of your priority list.

  • Auto-deduction of savings

Purpose to save first before spending your income. Automated systems will ensure that your savings are calculated and deducted as instructed before spending.

  • Pay your debts and improve your credit history

The longer you wait before paying your debts the more expensive it becomes. Settle your debts and improve your credit score, it's easier living within your budget.

  • Stick to cash transactions 

Control impulse buying with cash transactions. Credit cards may lead to spending more money than the card holds and may create unnecessary debts. Cash transactions may control this manner of spending.

  • Shop in bulk

Buying goods in large quantities gives you the privilege of discounts. It greatly saves on your budget and the extra cash can be channeled to other expenses.

  • Reassess your budget from month to month.

Needs may vary monthly. A birthday in one month and holiday events in another may alter the budget towards the higher side. Aim to save little by little towards the same before the exact day or date.

  • Have an emergency kitty

The Corona pandemic has been a lifelong lesson for most of us. Retrenchment and sudden loss of jobs became a universal problem. 

Lesson1: Apart from your savings plan, have a separate account for emergencies. Trouble never says when it will knock.

Lesson 2: Have your health and medical insurance taken care of with any income channels you have. An up to date health insurance will save you from monetary problems in case of a health emergency.

  • Use a budgeting tool

Budgeting is now not as tedious as you may think, thanks to the budgeting apps. So, apart from the excel budgeting spreadsheets, apps like Everydollar make your budget process smoother. It's upon you to choose between the free option or the premium version.

  • Set aside your needs Vs your wants

The needs are what we have as basic. These include food, rental costs, transportation charges, groceries, utilities, etc.

The wants are mostly luxuries like cable TV, coffee and lunch outside your home or office and you can do without temporarily.

Let your needs come first and later factor in the rest.

  • Keep your expenses in check

Create a balance such that when you spend more on one item, the expenditure goes down for other expenses

  • Sinking funds

I never knew that servicing loans could be so difficult until the debt collector came knocking. Aim to save cumulatively in order to reduce the interest rates or even the whole debt over a significant period of time. Let your budget lead you towards your future monetary freedom. 

Wrap up

Budgeting is an important financial step everyone should consider. The government is able to plan for its folk through proper budgeting. From student life to career life, budgeting cannot be underestimated. The budgeting process of Creation, Evaluation then Execution has to be followed. It's all about discipline. Otherwise wise stick to your budget and happy budgeting 😉😉

Saturday, 11 July 2020

9 Excellent Home Office Ideas on a Budget: Considerations for 2020

A Home Office courtesy of Unsplash images

Working remotely from home has been associated with productivity. However, with the juggle of family duties and your job, a few things have to change to be efficient. You need a home office. A personal space to keep your schedule running and your goals in check. Are you the type who believes in a traditional office? If so, you can comfortably create a dream office in your own house. How? Let me take you through simple home office ideas on a budget.

So, you have this space, some unused corner of your living room or a corridor, or even a spare room. What kind of office do you wish for? Depending on your financial capability, it could be something ranging between a simple workroom to a sophisticated one. Consider the following:

Tips for a Low Budget Home Office

1.Should be Quite Affordable

Contrary to the notion that it’s expensive, you can make use of the simple stuff around your home. Ransack through your old furniture to see whats usable. You can also visit an old furniture store and negotiate for used office furniture. Better still, explore the online stores for discounted deals on the same.

2. Be Creative with your Space

With the right furniture at hand, identify what will work on the walls, the floor, and the paperwork.

  • Make use of floating cabinets if not inbuilt ones in order to maximize on space.

  • Add some inspiring artwork, nature photos, and stickers to your walls. Wallpapers can also serve a great deal, especially where vibrant paints may not be available.

  • Have a personal touch with the floors by use of bright color warm rugs. Let the general outlook be welcoming since you’ll be spending most of your time within.

3. Organize and Avoid any Clutter

Clean up and dust off regularly. Let your files occupy as little space as possible. Have a calendar of activities, a clock for the efficient track of time, and a schedule. Avoid unnecessary hard copy especially if a document can be backed up in Cloud or Dropbox or stored on your computer.

4. Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

This is the perfect seat for workers spending long periods in a seating position. The height is very adjustable and it is richly cushioned. Although it’s fairly costly, the health benefits cannot be overlooked. You can as well acquire a second-hand option from a used furniture store or bargain for discounts at an open furniture outlet.

5. A Comfortable Standing Desk

The desk comes with an adjustable height for the comfort of your neck, back, and overall posture. Any other benefits of a standing desk? Let me briefly mention that to stand for a few minutes(15-20minutes):

  • lowers your risk of heart diseases.

  • Lowers your risk of weight gain

  • improves your focus thus makes you more productive.

6. Blend in with Green Potted Plants

Natural plants are beautiful. Potted plants liven the space and improve air quality. They are also associated with boosting the working of the mind. Potted plants provide motivation to work and the outside relaxing experience is felt inside.

7. High-speed Internet

Telecommuting and the internet have made it possible for tasks to be managed remotely. Depending on how many devices are connected, invest in quality internet for prompt communication, and timely receipt of documents.

8. Have Adequate Light Flowing in

Now, natural light will automatically create a vibrant environment for work. Plus, energy costs will be lower compared to artificial light. But where natural light is limited resolve by fixing ambient bulbs. These kinds of lighting create warmth and set the mood for work. Consider using energy saver bulbs which are brighter and consume less power compared to other bulbs.

 Lampshades can also be blended in to distribute light evenly and give your office a cozy look.

9.Define your working area from your living space

Not all of us have a long concentration span in a busy space. Distractions, loud music, kids, let your office be in a quiet and serene place, for improved productivity and efficiency. Inform your immediate family and friends about your working hours, so that you will prioritize work and the family appropriately.

The bottom line:

These simple home office ideas on a budget will motivate you to work within your own home. Repurpose to make use of what you already have. Be creative with your space. Contact a custom designer if it gets a little complicated. Remember, working from home is a trend that will save you from the hustle of day to day commuter problems.

6 Excellent Ways to Overcome Bad Debts in 2020

Have you ever been indebted to someone or an organization? Getting into debt is easy. And each time you borrow its even easier to promise to repay it. Things turn out unexpectedly. And no matter how hard you try to keep afloat, you find yourself with numerous debts. Then the constant reminders to repay.

The debts come in various forms:

  • It can be student loans

  • Mortgage loans

  • Credit card expenditures

  • Bank loans

  • Other forms such as the digital app loans which prove to be quite addictive.


Whenever you are in a financial crisis, consider whether borrowing will create a cash inflow(a good debt) or take you into serious liquidity as a business. Whether the debt is secured with some assets or not. Here are some tips to help you avoid bad debt this year:

1. Live Within your Means

Others call it 'frugal living’. It will hurt to miss a few luxuries. However, with time you get to save as much and plan for a greater tomorrow.

2.Assess the Credit History of your Customers

This applies mostly for business entities. Ask for proof of a constant source of income and how well they’ll settle the debts. Set a credit limit for your customers depending on one’s paying capabilities. Failure for them to pay means liability on your side.

3.Stop Borrowing and Freeze Some of those Accounts

When most of your expenditure is on consumables, you don’t gain anything. Money borrowed to spend does not contribute positively to your financial status. Focus greatly on only one credit card which you can comfortably maintain.

4. Pay Off your Debts to Completion One at a Time

It will not happen overnight. It will take some time. But it will be worth the sacrifice at the end of it all.

5. Sell Some of Your Home Valuables and Settle the Debt(s)

You’ll move a step back in terms of your home budget. However, regaining your piece of mind after the ordeal is equally important. Plus, you can get some extra cash to spend while chasing other sources of income.

6. Engage in an activity that will Bring in Cash

Make money through blogging and affiliate marketing. Try online surveys and transcription jobs. Aim to cover as much of your debt as possible. Remember, the more you reduce the debt the better in terms of interest rates.

Bad debt minimization strategy depends on whether it’s an individual or business loan. The faster it is repaid the less complicated it will be in time and money. Once the debt is moved to the debt collectors it becomes too expensive. Effecting the debt collection measures might send you to forced pay, it will be worse.

The bottom line:

Don’t allow bad debts to ruin your credit history. And don’t allow yourself to be a slave to extravagance. Live within your means and better, spend less than what you earn. Practice saving and make it a habit. Always aim to save and invest wisely before that rainy day.

Otherwise, stay tuned to more of these tips.

How to Withdraw Money from Perfect Money to Mpesa: The Ultimate Guide

 Perfect money is a form of digital currency wallet just like Paypal. Your money is held in form of gold, USD or Bitcoin. And better still, ...